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Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Insurance denial

Well I got the dreaded denial letter in the mail.  :-(.   The insurance company is claiming the procedure is investigational.  Interestingly, they only denied one of the procedure codes and not both.  I called and talked to the insurance specialist handling my case.  She is going to check with the coders and see if something can be changed and re-submit the request or else we will have to do an appeal.  More waiting in pain of course.  I had another cervical epidural yesterday.  Head is still killing me.  When I sat up in the recovery room my head actually hurt worse for a minute.  It decreased back down to its normal constant pain within a few minutes after they gave me some caffeine though. 

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Ms. J said...

I'm sorry about your denial. I hope that you can appeal or reapply under another code. *hugs*