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Tuesday, March 17, 2015

Still searching for that magical cure

There is not much to update really.  It has been almost a year since my last post.  My neurologist told me at my last visit I had the atypical form of trigeminal neuralgia.  Of course I immediately did lots of research.  I am wondering if I actually have all 3 conditions or are some of the doctors wrong??  I am thinking of trying a new doctor but really just don't feel like seeing any! I have still been on Neurontin and I can tell it does help especially with the facial pain.  I can tell when it wears off in between doses.  I am trying something new called kratom, which is herbal.  It hasn't seemed to do anything so far.  I will continue to experiment.  I am also considering trying an essential oil blend recommended to me by someone who has chronic migraines also.  I can still tell the stim does still help just not as well as when it was new.  I just need to fill my toolbox with different things.  Finding the perfect combination is the hardest part though.