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Monday, December 12, 2011

New symptom

I have had this new weird symptom for about a week now.  I have had this weird tingly feeling on the back of my head in the area it hurts on the left side.  This causes me to think of nerve damage.  I have always heard that damage to a nerve can cause tingling/pain/numbness.  My husband says my occipital nerve is "worn out" from hurting so long!  It feels just like the tingle you get from using a TENS unit.  Now if that is what you get from the occipital nerve stimulator, I can definitely deal with that better than the pain.  Too bad it hasn't replaced the pain.  Now I have both.  On top of that I think I am getting my daughter's cold because my throat has hurt since last night.  Yuck!  Hopefully that will be better by the holidays.  My poor baby still has a little cough, but she doesn't feel bad anymore at least and no fever for several days now, hooray! 

Oh by the way I started writing!  Yes really.  Being an author has been a lifelong dream of mine but I have started many projects that never were finished.  I have a really bad habit of not finishing things!  I figured if I told people about my project I would be more likely to actually finish.

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