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Saturday, September 29, 2012

Permanent surgery soon!

Wow I cannot believe I have not been back to my blog in over a month.  It has just been very busy and I have not felt well.  When my trial stimulator was removed, the Evil Headache was back at full intensity all at once 1 1/2 hours later.  It was terrible.  It has been terrible ever since.  I have been at about a level 8 for most of the time since. 
We also bought a new house - yay!  Moving has been really hard with the pain though.  I had to take so many breaks and stop what I was doing so many times it was ridiculous.  I have never had problems doing normal things like this until the Evil Headache came along.  Really I need a better name for it because "headache" just does not do it justice.  "Ice pick stabbing through the face exiting the back of the head along with another stuck in the side of the head" seems like a really long name.  I get really irritated whenever someone whines to me "I have a headache".  I want to punch them really!  I am having some anger/irritability issues from dealing with the 24/7 pain, is it obvious?! I cannot even drive without being afraid that one of my "exacerbations" will happen while I am driving.  I drove my youngest daughter to a field trip recently and it happened.  I went up on the curb but thank God that is all that happened.  I have basically been letting my darling husband drive me everywhere since then.  I try to explain it, but no one really seems to understand how bad these pains are that occur with the "exacerbations" (or as I call them "the stabs").  My body just shuts down and I cannot control it.  My eyes automatically shut if I am in bright light and I clutch my head until it starts to subside. 

Anyway, after waiting not so patiently I finally got word that my insurance company agreed to pay for the permanent surgery so I will be heading back to Tennessee again very soon and when I am able I will be back to blog about how everything went.  I have a terrible fear now that after I have the peripheral nerve stimulator implant done the pain will switch over to the other side.  I wonder if that has ever happened to someone with hemicrania continua?  Maybe I should do some research.  Wish me luck!!

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WinnyNinny PooPoo said...

WooHoo Tara!! Hoping this will help you as much as it has helped me!! Also people with even migraines cannot comprehend the difference in pain, especially when it does not go away EVER!!! I had to travel and had a great deal of fear having this happen on a plane becuase I lose control. My PCP gave me injectible phenergan and I injected it right before the flight so I was out of it. Still had it happen, just never at top pain intensity. Understand the fear!