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Friday, April 6, 2012

Having a bad day

Yuck!  Since I got up this morning I have felt bad.  I had a cold earlier in the week but I thought I had gotten over it.  Now I have a sore throat and a swollen lymph node that makes swallowing and turning my head hurt.  My muscles are aching all over also so much that it hurts if I walk.  On top of that I am extremely sleepy.  I fell asleep on the toilet lol! I have been trying to work off and on all day but keep falling asleep at my desk.  All this on top of my head feeling as if a knife is stuck in it makes for a bad day.  Ok I think I am done whining for now!  Hopefully I will be feeling much better by Easter.


elissagt said...

Hope you are feeling much better - Love you!

Tara said...

Thank you. Unfortunately I got desperate and took ibuprofen a couple times for the headache a few days before and that all seems to be the beginning of the whole combination of symptoms that always leaves me and the doctors guessing whether or not I have Crohn's disease.