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Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Feeling a little hopeful again

Yesterday my wonderfully hunky hubby drove me to an appointment with a new neurologist in Birmingham at UAB.  I really like this doc!  He wants me to try Celebrex, which I am a little bit scared to do I admit after my encounter with the Indocin, but he says it is much easier on the stomach than the type of anti-inflammatories like Indocin.  I am trying it while he talks with some of his headache specialist buddies at Mayo and Cleveland clinics.  If the Celebrex does not magically cure me it is probably on to the stimulator.  But this doc is completely different than the last one.  He says that I am a special case as I cannot tolerate the Indocin and he really doesn't see me NOT being able to get a stimulator!  But he only recommends 2 places getting the surgery done - Mayo Clinic or Cleveland Clinic.  Hmm.... that would be very interesting to see how me and my family handle traveling for that.  I'm not really sure how we would do that but whatever it takes I don't care.  I'm sure we could figure it out if it meant a chance at having fun mommy/wifey back again!  Of course a clinical trial is still an option we are considering, and I am on a waiting list for one for Mayo Clinic and my new doc is going to talk to the doc who added me to that list.  Maybe I will have more good news soon.  At least this is a much more upbeat post than my last one!


Shannon said...

Tara, I really hope that this doctor can help you. I am going to take your advice and look into other doctors. I really have this feeling that we will both be back to our old wife/mommy selves!

Tara said...

Thank you! I don't mean to turn anyone away from that practice, that was just my experience with that particular employee there associated with my insurance company. I hope you find Dr. Right!