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Tuesday, August 2, 2011


I am frustrated to tears today!!!  When I saw the doctor in NC he suggested that my doctor prescribe me a new medication that he thought worked better on head pain and had less side effects.  I called my headache specialist's office the Friday of 2 weeks ago and the receptionist said she would pull my chart and ask him. I never got a response so the next Monday I emailed him.  Still with no response by Wednesday I called again.  The receptionist stated that he had been very busy and maybe would get around to reading my email that day or possibly the next.  Still no answer today (1 week later) so I call again.  The doctor is not in the office (of course).  The receptionist pulled my chart and he had written a note on my chart saying that he doesn't know anything about that medicine so he wasn't going to prescribe it, the doctor in NC could prescribe it.  Problem - that doctor did not want to prescribe medications for me since he is 3 states away and thought that my doctor who has been treating me all along should do that!  So I said if he isn't going to do that I need a refill of my normal pain medication.  I am allowed the HUGE dose of 2 tablets a day for 24/7 pain.  The receptionist stated that the last prescription he had written for me in February was for #20, take 2 a day.  I was holding the bottle while talking to her, which states #60.  I explained that #20 would only last 10 days since I am supposed to take 2 a day.  Am I supposed to go to the pharmacy every 10 days???  I called the doctor's office in NC to check on insurance approval and of course had to leave a voice mail.  Maybe I will hear back from them sooner than the other doctor!  I just don't know what to do anymore.  I am in so much constant pain and can hardly do anything anymore.  I just really need some relief.

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Tara said...

Got a call back. They were waiting on me to get a psychological evaluation done first. That was definitely a case of misunderstanding! I thought that came after requesting approval for surgery. Oh well. The soonest appt I could get is Aug 18th for the eval. Can I just sleep until then???