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Friday, July 22, 2011

New Doctor

Well I got to meet the doctor in NC.  He is awesome!  He even talked about how there is about a 100% chance of needing revision because of lead migration and he tries to secure the leads very, very well.  He is really nice and wants to do the surgery but says my biggest problem will be getting the insurance company to pay.  He is submitting for preauthorization for a trial implant so we are going from there.  I am pretty sure I will have to appeal.  I am trying to stay hopeful though!  Everyone there was very friendly and nice.  I really like the doctor and staff.  I actually talked to a fellow there and she answered questions I thought about after the doctor had left the room.  She was very helpful and knowledgeable also.  I will have to have some hair shaved off but I don't really care.  Heck I would shave my whole head if it meant relief from this pain!

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